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Strengthen intellectual property protection and create an innovative highland


On the afternoon of July 8th, Huang Zhizhen, a second level inspector of the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau, and his delegation visited the company to conduct intellectual property research, understand the current situation of enterprise intellectual property work, and help enterprises overcome difficulties. General Manager Zhu Yong and Deputy General Manager Gu Haicheng accompanied the inspection and research.

In the company exhibition hall, Huang Zhizhen listened to the development history, production and operation situation, research and development team, and intellectual property work of the enterprise, and gained a detailed understanding of the construction of the enterprise's intellectual property system and the creation, protection, and application of intellectual property. We acknowledge the achievements of the company in intellectual property work and brand building, and provide business guidance on the application and application policies of the company's intellectual property. At the same time, we encourage enterprises to continue to innovate, continuously improve their intellectual property management capabilities and levels, and safeguard the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Accompanied by the company's general manager Zhu Yong, Huang Zhizhen and his delegation visited the Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical Research Institute. During the visit and inspection process, the focus was on listening to the introduction of the company's achievements in research and development innovation platform construction, research talent cultivation, research product application, and patent cultivation. Huang Zhizhen praised and affirmed the company's approach of building an efficient intellectual property comprehensive management system and empowering technological innovation.

Mr. Zhu warmly welcomed the leaders of the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, Huai'an Market Supervision Bureau, and District Government. He stated that under the care and guidance of the provincial and municipal intellectual property bureaus, Zhengda Qingjiang attaches great importance to intellectual property and brand building work, especially providing strong support and assistance to enterprises in intellectual property standardization, patent application, scientific and technological innovation, trademark and brand construction, and trademark protection, achieving good results. He has also been awarded the honorary title of "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", which has promoted the high-quality development of Zhengda Qingjiang.

This research and inspection activity has helped enterprises further align their efforts in intellectual property work and clarify the implementation goals for high-quality development. In the future, Zhengda Qingjiang will focus on strengthening the patent protection of high-tech industries, adding energy and momentum to the high-quality development of enterprises. Wang Rui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Market Supervision Administration of Huai'an City, Hu Mingdong, Deputy Director, and Wang Lei, Deputy District Mayor of Qingjiangpu District, and other functional department leaders accompanied the research.

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