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Chen Zhichang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, conducted research on the construction of the new factory area of Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical


On the morning of August 22nd, Chen Zhichang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, led a team to conduct on-site research on the construction site of the new factory area project of Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical. City leaders Li Sen and Sun Hu, Secretary of the Qingjiangpu District Party Committee Zhu Haibo, District Mayor Zhao Hongtao, and relevant department heads at both levels of the city, as well as the company's General Manager Zhu Yong, Deputy General Manager Shen Jinshan, and General Manager Assistant Zhong Yongcheng, accompanied the research.

At the construction site of the new factory project, Secretary Chen listened to reports on the consolidation of land in the park, revitalization of park assets, guarantee of the landing of major and mega projects, and the planned commencement and completion of major and mega industrial projects in the second half of the year. He also pointed out the need to strengthen the guarantee of development factors such as land and space, coordinate efficient capital turnover, and deepen the activation and disposal of existing assets.

Subsequently, Secretary Chen walked into the solid preparation workshop to gain an on-site understanding of the workshop's intelligent equipment and the production and operation of the enterprise in the first half of the year. Mr. Zhu introduced that as one of the major construction projects in the city, with the high attention and support of departments at all levels in the city, our engineering project construction and innovative drug research and development have been steadily promoted.

Secretary Chen gave full recognition to the overall situation of the construction of the Zhengda Qingjiang new factory area project and the development of the enterprise. He encouraged the enterprise to promote rapid project commencement and construction, stable production and development, and placed stable growth in a more prominent position. With practical actions, he will become the main force in the construction of modern central cities in the northern part of the Yangtze River Delta, and promote leapfrog development while bravely advancing, welcoming the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

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