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Jiangsu Runan Pharmaceutical welcomes GMP inspection


Recently, four teachers appointed by the Audit and Inspection Center of Jiangsu Provincial Drug Administration conducted a three-day on-site GMP compliance inspection on our company.

On the morning of August 1st, Zhu Yong, the General Manager of Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the parent company of Jiangsu Run'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhong Yongcheng, the Deputy General Manager, Teng Qi, the Quality Authorized Person, and Chen Chu, the Senior Consultant, held their first meeting with the inspection center teacher to announce the inspection varieties.

After the meeting, four teachers conducted on-site GMP compliance inspections on the laboratory, production line of sodium lisdronate plant 4, production lines of Apmist plant 3 and 5, public engineering systems, and warehouse. The on-site staff carefully answered the questions raised by the teacher and introduced the production process information of two varieties. In addition, several teachers conducted a systematic inspection of the entire factory equipment and facilities.

On the second and third day of inspection, several teachers checked some system documents and provided guiding opinions. The department heads carefully recorded the problems raised by the teachers and made sufficient preparations for the later rectification work.

On the afternoon of August 3rd, the company's management held a final meeting with four teachers to summarize the inspection. The meeting clarified the issues that needed to be rectified, and the GMP inspection ended smoothly!

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