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Jiangsu Run'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Safety Production Month Activity Summary, Evaluation, Reward and Commendation Notice


Notice on the Summary, Evaluation, Reward and Commendation of Safety Production Month Activities

Each department and department: In order to strengthen safety awareness and improve safety quality, the company launched the "Five Ones" activity of Safety Production Month in June 2023. This event highlights the theme of "Everyone talks about safety, everyone knows how to respond in an emergency". That is, to carry out a safety commitment letter, draw an escape route map, participate in a "rationalization suggestion", participate in a "safety accident video warning education", and carry out a fire protection facility operation.

This activity received positive response and participation from all employees, effectively improving the safety awareness of colleagues in the company, further enhancing the company's safety management level, and creating a safe and harmonious production environment. After comprehensive evaluation by the company's safety committee, combined with the responses of the participants and the actual on-site operations, the list of winners is as follows:

First prize (3 people):

Wang Xiaoyan, Zhou Bo, Zhu Yan

Second prize (6 people):

Sun Qianqian, Yong Yajing, Jiang Haiting, Yang Xiaofeng, Lian Huigui, Yan Jun

Third Prize (9 people):

Xin Luming, Jin Yue, Luo Yuanyuan, Bai Zhisen, Zhang Qun, Yuan Dan, Chen Yan, Song Wenzhou, and Xu Chaoping hope that the winners will continue to work hard, and call on all employees of the company to learn from the above winners and strive to be praised.

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Jiangsu Run'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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