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Comprehensive practical training for production safety accidents in 2023


The overall planning and deployment of this drill is based on the actual situation of our company, with clear objectives, striving to achieve unity between the drill and reality. A total of 51 employees participated in the drill, including fire rescue and disposal team, personnel evacuation team, external liaison team, medical protection team, on-site alert team, environmental protection team, on-site cleaning team, material supply team, etc., and successfully completed the drill task.

The process of the drill event: During the company's production process, an operational error caused the XJ1 synthesis kettle to overheat and overpressure, resulting in spraying and material leakage (replaced by tap water during the drill). After a production safety accident occurred, immediately contact the central control room through walkie talkies, and the on duty personnel in the central control room call the workshop office to report to the workshop director and on duty leaders. Emergency personnel rushed to the scene to rescue the injured immediately and dealt with the scene again. Due to the presence of methanol in the leaked material, a fire was triggered during the disposal process due to the stimulation of collision sparks (the fire simulation part was simulated outdoors). The emergency leadership team conducted on-site command and disposal, controlled the fire, and finally eliminated it.

After the on-site practical exercise, Director Xu, the leader of the park, evaluated and summarized the exercise. Director Xu stated that this was an orderly and tense practical drill. During the drill, all participants were able to abide by discipline, follow orders in all actions, and respond correctly to the situation when they learned of a leak. For example, the fire rescue team was able to wear fire fighting suits and chemical protective suits as soon as possible, and the personnel evacuation team was able to quickly organize personnel evacuation. Then Director Xu put forward some opinions and suggestions for this drill, such as the need for observation personnel to stay away from the scene, whether the camera at the drill site is explosion-proof, and avoiding reactions with flammable and explosive materials. Finally, it is stated that safety is no small matter, starting from the heart, and that the greatest beneficiaries of doing a good job in safety production are our employees themselves. It is emphasized that safety production only has a starting point without an end, and there is never a stop. We are always on the road, and we must always tighten the string of safety production. Through this comprehensive production safety leakage accident drill, employees have gained an understanding and mastery of how to report a major leakage accident, evacuate safely, handle the process, carry out emergency repairs, and monitor the environment. This has enabled them to control the further expansion of the leakage in a timely manner, reduce company losses, and protect the environment. At the same time, the safety awareness and emergency self rescue, as well as the ability to handle dangerous situations of the company's employees have been further strengthened and improved, and their understanding of safety production has also been further enhanced, which will be of great help in dealing with emergencies in the future

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