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Speech at the Advanced Experience Exchange Conference of Jiangsu Runan Pharmaceutical on Enterprise Safety Production in Industrial Parks


In order to further improve the level of enterprise safety management and resolutely curb the occurrence of production safety accidents, the functional departments of Huai'an Industrial Park organized a conference to exchange advanced experience in enterprise safety production management in the park. The attendees of this meeting mainly include the main leaders and safety managers of 73 enterprises in the industrial park. The safety production management and health enterprise work of Jiangsu Run'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have been fully recognized by the park leaders and other enterprises. It is an honor to give an exchange speech as an advanced representative at the meeting, and exchange experiences in safety production management and health enterprises with various enterprises.

At the meeting, Chen Hongxi, the Safety and Environment Director of Jiangsu Runan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., first introduced the basic situation and safety production management of the enterprise. Then, he emphasized the "personalized" safety management training work formulated by Runan Pharmaceutical for different positions of employees and the "four in place" of Runan Pharmaceutical, namely, the implementation of responsibilities, the investigation of hidden dangers, the comprehensive rectification, and the supervision and inspection. At the same time, he also conducted in-depth exchanges on Runan Pharmaceutical's safety production, health enterprises, and management experience. Finally, Chen Hongxi proposed that the focus of safety management will always be on the site, with a focus on confirming and implementing risk control measures; Strengthen the construction of safety and health culture, deepen publicity and warning education, and jointly create a good atmosphere for safety and health production; Finally, taking this experience exchange meeting on safety production and health enterprise work as an opportunity, we will carefully draw on the good experiences and practices of other enterprises in the park, continue to carry out various safety production work seriously, and strive to take Runan Pharmaceutical's safety production and health enterprise work to a new level.

Safety production is always on the road. Strengthen safety awareness, build a strong safety defense line, and after experiencing a safety production month, conscientiously and solidly do a good job in the next stage of safety production work!

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