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Special practical drill for gas leakage accidents in the logistics department of the company in 2024


Recently, fires caused by gas leaks have occurred frequently. In order to strengthen the management of gas safety in the company's cafeteria and effectively respond to gas leakage emergencies, and to enhance the emergency response team and cafeteria staff's ability to handle emergencies. On the afternoon of March 7, 2024, our company's Safety and Environmental Protection Department organized a special practical drill for the canteen gas leakage accident. This drill was commanded by General Manager Wu of Runan Pharmaceutical, with a total of 23 personnel from the Administration Department, Safety and Environment Department, and Office Quality Inspection Building participating. The drill achieved the expected results.

Before the drill, General Manager Zhou of the Administrative Department held a mobilization meeting for the "Canteen Gas Leakage Accident Special Practical Exercise" to provide training on safety precautions for gas use, and set specific division of labor and deployment for the drill process and simulation scenarios. Then, Jiang Haihua from the Safety and Environment Department will explain the usage methods and precautions of fire blankets and filtered self rescue respirators, and have cafeteria staff conduct on-site demonstrations. At the same time, they will point out any non-standard behaviors during the demonstration process, striving to ensure that every employee can master emergency rescue and protection skills.

At the beginning of the drill, the chef discovered a leak in the gas pipeline and immediately triggered the kitchen fire alarm button nearby. At the same time, he reported the gas leak and fire situation to the leader. Then, the fire extinguishing team wore positive pressure air respirators to detect the gas concentration on site, opened doors and windows for ventilation, closed all surrounding gas valves, and used fire extinguishers, fire blankets, etc. to extinguish the fire. Then the rescue team entered the scene and used stretchers to rescue the unconscious employees from the accident scene and take them to a safe place. Finally, the evacuation team led employees from various departments to evacuate from the nearest fire exits to the open space in front of the building, and conducted an inventory of company personnel to ensure the safe evacuation of all personnel.

After the drill, General Manager Wu summarized the drill and fully recognized the results achieved. Mr. Wu emphasized that safety is no small matter, and prevention comes before it happens. If everyone relaxes their vigilance, safety accidents will be very close to us. Only by ensuring that there is absolutely no risk can we avoid such a situation. We must always tighten the safety string in our hearts and make every effort to tighten the safety valve.

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