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Gather together for a new chapter


A spring work beginning, everything behavior first.The New Year began, all walks of life began busy. On February 18th, the first day of work after the Spring Festival, in order to promote the orderly resumption of work and production, Runan Pharmaceutical Safety and Environment Department organized all employees to hold the 2024 Spring Festival "resumption of work and Production Harvest Meeting" in the training room on the second floor of the company. At 4 PM, all the day shift staff attended the meeting on time, and the 6 night shift employees will be trained separately by the leader on duty at 7:50 PM, so as to achieve the principle of "full coverage of safety training, one employee does not fall behind".

At the meeting, we watch the safety education warning film . This video warning from the actual start of our company, Select Special Operations Security Warning Video to play, so that employees learn from the video special operations basic knowledge and some points for attention, also from the video of the accident was a warning, so that the company colleagues feel the importance of safety.

Then security director spoke2024 safety work, through PPT way to preach the importance and necessity of safety training and safety to return to work and production key risk factors, told employees to alert, strictly abide by the safety regulations, and stressed that every accident is staff not seriously implement safety operation procedures, not according to the chapter operation, paralysis. Looking to the work, we must firmly establish the awareness of production safety, the awareness of production safety always in the heart.

After the production, administration, quality, equipment engineering and other departments responsible for the department's resumption of the specific situation, and to inform the staff of 2024 safety production plan.

Security work is cumbersome, subtle, repeated. We should take safety in production as the first priority, to overcome the post-holiday paralysis of the general idea, to“Always worry” sense of responsibility, always tense“Safety string.”

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